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Five Chain Restaurants With Healthy Options

Trying to eat healthy? Also a social butterfly? Don’t know where to eat with your friends when they ask “where do you want to go?” because you feel so hopeless thinking there’s nowhere you can eat?

Let me help ya, friend.

I’m about as extroverted as they come, but also eat healthy, SO I’ve had to dig deep to find some of the best chain restaurants to eat when wanting to stay healthy but also catch up with friends.

I have found that many local restaurants cater to that lifestyle, however I’m here today to give you the best chain restaurants for healthy eating. Five of them.


1. Panera

Or otherwise known as Saint Louis Bread Company. Panera is one of my favorite restaurants to choose when dining out. I love it not only because there are so many healthy options to choose from, but they’re delicious and filling options as well. In addition, the entire environment and vibe of Panera will always be a favorite of mine. It can be a more special evening out or a casual evening out, and it will still remain so fun to eat at. Oh and they also have a drive-thru, so overall a great option for delicious, healthy, and a fast meal.

2. Chipotle

Don’t even get me started on Chipotle! Lol. I need to just be their official spokeswoman, because Chipotle is somewhere I will never stop raving about. I love this restaurant because 1. they pretty much have a location everywhere, and 2. because they cater to EVERY single diet!! They recently began advertising that they have food for it all, whether it be Whole30, Paleo, Keto, etc. Their meat is ALWAYS delicious and filling, and I just love everything about it. Oh, and also their chips are just about the most amazing chips you’ll ever taste in your entire life. The sea salt + lime combo YA CAN’T BEAT.

3. Jimmy John’s

While this may not be somewhere you eat out with your friends, it’s a great option if you forgot your lunch and are needing something fast and healthy. I love Jimmy John’s, because I have never not had a good experience with their ingredients, the quality of freshness, or how fast it is. Whether you choose wheat bread or an unwich (lettuce wrap), you can’t go wrong. So delicious and good for you, and a fast food option that’s not going to leave you feeling bloated and regretful.

4. Chili’s

A really really great sit-down option. I love Chili’s, because on their menu, they have a section of “Lighter Choices.” And friends, those lighter choices are so so SO good!! I always choose Chili’s when I’m going to a nicer dinner, but somewhere that’s also not going to break the bank. I typically order their Margarita Grilled Chicken, and the taste is AMAAAAZing. You won’t believe it’s a lighter choice!

5. Red Lobster

If you’re going for fancy, this is a good one. I love Red Lobster, because I’ve always tasted fresh food whenever eating there. They have many healthy options from salads, to salmon, to other types of grilled meals. Just avoid those cheddar biscuits if you’re on a diet.;)

There you have it, friends! See?? Eating healthy while being social really, truly isn’t difficult. It’s all about planning ahead and doing research. And I’m hoping this was the perfect start to that research.


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