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How to Send a Stylized Photo Shoot Email to Vendors

In last week’s blog post, I covered seven must-have vendors to include in your next stylized photo shoot. You can find the blog post here.

This week, I’m covering how to send a stylized photo shoot email to vendors, because let’s be real here, it’s intimidating isn’t it?

So first thing’s first: my #1 recommendation to you when reaching out to vendors regarding the stylized photo shoot you’re planning, reach out via email. Not in their Instagram DM’s, not by texting, not via Facebook messages.

One reason being, many messages and DM’s get lost. Another being, it proves to the business owner that you are actually serious about this if you’re reaching out via email, and portrays a new level of professionalism. It shows that you value their work, and what they contribute as a business.

So in terms of vendors you’re reaching out to, always send an email. And if they don’t respond, send a followup email to make sure they received it.

In terms of finding models, you can approach this several ways. You can:

  1. Find someone you know
  2. Post a “Model Call” on your Instagram story or Facebook stating you’re in need of models
  3. Find individuals via Instagram and reach out to several that way
  4. Get in touch with a Wedding Planner, and ask them if they have any recent brides they think would be interested in modelling for your photo shoot

I have used all of these methods, and all have worked for me, so I really don’t think you can go wrong here.

Now, to get to emailing your peers/vendors. Here are things to really think about when composing your email:

  1. In your opening paragraph, introduce yourself and state what you do and where you’re located. In the same paragraph, state what you’re doing and the date of the stylized photo shoot.
  2. Next, state in a new paragraph your journey of following this vendor or how you found them, why you love their work, and what you love about them that makes them unique.
  3. State that you would love to collaborate with them along with {state other vendors here} and make sure to mention the word “collaboration” so they know it’s a team effort and not a paid event.
  4. State what they will receive in return.
  5. Link your work to the email (i.e. your Instagram).
  6. Thank them and tell them what the next steps are.

These are all key steps in making sure your vendors know who you are, what you do, what is needed from them, and who they’re working with.

To see an example email to send to vendors for stylized photo shoots you can find a sample here.

Overall, being kind, telling others what you love about their work, and building community and relationships can go a long way. And it will benefit your business in many ways in the end.


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