Your fingers interlace, your noses touch, your laughter sends you up to the clouds, your lips meet, your eyes lock. These are the moments, the memories, and the happiness that I capture through my lens. The moments that bring my heart to life. And it is in these moments that I know this is why I do what I do.

Forget the posed photographs. Forget the fake moments that only capture you standing looking at a camera. I'm not interested in that! I'm here to zoom in on YOUR story. I'm here to capture the raw, the real, the candid. I'm here to capture everything that YOU are as a couple and everything your story is made up of.

Let's go on a date, friends!

it's all about you.

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memories over details

I believe in capturing every detail, but then there comes a point when details no longer matter. It's just you two. You two are what I have my eye on. The tears that stream down your cheeks. The messy laughter that gives you a second chin. 

The passionate kisses that you wouldn't dare do in front of your family. The tight hugs. The memories. That’s why I pour my heart into capturing every portion of your special day. So you can hold onto those moments and memories forever.


YOU GUYS!!!! YOU’RE ENGAGED AHHHHHH!!!!!! This is step one in the process to us becoming bffs (or me photographing your adventure session/wedding, but we’ll get to that). To get your special date on my calendar, you begin by filling out the contact form and telling me your story (I want to hear it alllll). In this first step, we establish if we're a good fit, and if we are, we'll move on to our FIRST MEETING (the date we become bffs)!

the inquiry



Okay, let’s get this date in my Erin Condren planner!! I’m ready with my pens, stickers, and all. In this step, we meet up for coffee, ice cream, wine, etc. (whatever’s your jam), get to know one another better, gush over your love story, and begin this forever friendship of ours. From here, we go over the wedding agreement, and I'll explain what all of the wording means. A minimum deposit of half of your payment is due at signing, which is when I put your date down on my planner. HOLLAAAA!!!! 

the signing

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GUYS! It’s our first date together EEEEK!!! We’ll meet at a location that either I help you come up with, or somewhere that is special to YOU, to portray your love story perfectly. I’m going to capture this emotional, beautiful, real, messy, rare, raw love that you two share, and you’re going to feel completely comfortable from start to finish. When your friends see your engagement photos they’re going to say “Omg that is SO THEM!” and THAT my friend, is what I’m interested in capturing. We’re going to jam to some music in the process, and just have the

first date

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LET’S PLAN THIS THING!!! I’m not interested in being one of those photographers that takes your pictures, delivers, then doesn’t talk to you again until the wedding. We’re bffs now, so I want to help you plan your WEDDING DAY! From helping you find other vendors, to cake testing (I like this one;)), to sending me dress options, I’m here for you through it ALL and want to bring this vision of yours to life!!<3 I will also create a custom wedding timeline for your day, so we make sure that everything is scheduled and in place. This will help make your big day stress-free and smooth sailinnn!

the planning

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WE MADE IT WE MADE IT WE MADE IT!!!! Okay, y’all. This day is YOURS. It is all about you + your love and nothing else matters.<3 Don’t think about the details anymore. I’m going to capture those for you to remember. From the glam shots of your rings, to the tears shared by you + those standing by your sides, to the wedding vows, to dancing the night away. And don’t be alarmed if I’m on the dance floor jamming out with you.;) I am YOURS for the day, and I’m not going anywhere!! I’m ready to capture your forever so you can relive it over and over again for years to come.<3

the big day

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Okay you two lovebirds, the time has come for me to deliver YOUR WEDDING DAY (images) to you!! I have spent countless hours editing your images to perfection and have these high resolution photos in your online gallery ready to be downloaded digitally, so you can have each image forever!! So relive your perfect day, and if you chose to go with my Platinum Collection, then relive them through print as well. Either way, there is sure to be tears, laughter, and endless smiles. And don’t be surprised if I text you asking you to coffee because, ya know, we’re forever friends.<3

the delivery

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"WOW, where do I even begin?! Our experience with Teresa was above and beyond anything we could have asked for! Not only is she SO talented, but Teresa makes you feel so comfortable during your session. My boyfriend and I had so much fun during our shoot that there were times we forgot we were even with a photographer! I'm in love with our photos and I am so happy that it was Photographs by Teresa who captured my hunny and I's love. THANK YOU, TERESA!"

courtney + nathaniel





I believe in love. I believe SO fiercely in love, and I’m not afraid to show or say it. I believe in never going to bed angry. I believe that coffee saves lives. I believe in messy buns and dance parties. I believe that without change we will never see growth. I believe that traveling is something everyone needs to experience, and I believe that kissing should have no limit.

I don’t do what I do for the money. Yes, it pays the bills and puts gas in my car and food on the table, but that’s not what I’m out for. Trust me, I know how tight budgets can be. But I also know that you want to remember your day for the rest of your life, and that is what I am here for. Your investment in me will guarantee you high quality, perfectly curated photographs to keep your special day in your heart forever. I don’t just make up a random price. It is carefully calculated to account for my time and commitment. So let’s invest in each other, and you’ll be glad we did. I offer three collections, with the first starting at $2297.

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