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Seven Must-Have Vendors For Your Stylized Photo Shoot

Planning a stylized photo shoot as a wedding photographer has so many benefits!!

You are given the freedom to be able to showcase vendors you would love to work with, and create photographs that you’ve been dying to have in your portfolio.

However, along with the benefits also comes an overwhelming feeling of where to even begin while planning a stylized photo shoot. This blog post is part 1 of 2.

This one will focus on who you need in order to begin planning your stylized photo shoot, and the next will focus on a template email to send out to all of your vendors to get the planning started.

Each and every stylized photo shoot varies depending on where you are having the photo shoot, and the look and feel that you are going for. Ultimately what you need to decide is 1. what am I hoping to achieve in this photo shoot? 2. who do I want to work with?

A great way to find vendors if you don’t know specifically who you want to work with, is by searching for vendors via hashtags or location on Instagram. Find several that you wouldn’t mind working with, and my advice to you is not to place all of your eggs in one basket.

Meaning, reach out to more than one vendor of each type. It’s likely not everyone will respond, and not everyone will have availability. So find several, and reach out to each of them.

Here are seven must haves to start with:



-Dress Shop/Designer


-Hair Artist

-Makeup Artist

-Rental Decor

Each of these vendors/models will be the perfect contribution to your photo shoot, and this is a great list to begin with.

Look out for next week’s post on how to reach out to each of these vendors.


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