The True Meaning of the Season - Photographs by Teresa

December 17, 2018

The True Meaning of the Season

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I have yet to finish buying my Christmas gifts for the year.

I’m almost past the point of having Amazon Prime Shipping still available to me.

My to-do list isn’t ending, and others keep adding more and more to it.

And so many individuals I’ve spoken to recently are in the exact same predicament as myself.

We all have more gifts to buy, more holiday parties to attend, more desserts to bake, Christmas cards to send out, etc. etc.

But then after I freaked out realizing that Christmas Eve is only one week away from today, I remembered something.

My friends, let’s not forget the true meaning of why we are doing all of these things.

Why we give gifts to others, why we send out Christmas greeting cards, why we bake for others, why we attend Holiday parties, why we see more of our families, why we have jam-packed Christmas Eve plans.


Because we are celebrating one very special birthday – the most important birthday that any of us could celebrate: the birth of Jesus.

He was brought into this world to save us all and live here on earth, then suffered on the cross for our sins to give us a chance to do life and live, in hopes to in the end, enter the eternal gates of Heaven.

So in the craziness of the season, in the stress of the to-do lists, and in the busyness of the holiday parties, let us never forget the true reason for the season, and the true party that we are celebrating.

Here’s to our Savior’s birthday. Here’s to telling more individuals we love them this season, and here’s to a joyous season.

And here’s to a holiday season surrounded by those we love the most.


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