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Chicago, Illinois | 5 Airport Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Airports are SUUUCH a pain, aren’t they? They’re so crowded and everything is a hassle, and just plain exhausting.

Wellll in all my time traveling, I’ve learned some hacks that make life a little easier while navigating airports and airplanes.

1. Check in to your flight as soon as it’s 24 hours before. You should receive an email, and the sooner you check in, the earlier you’ll be able to board the plane.

2. Opt for mobile boarding passes so it’s emailed to you. Once emailed, either add to Apple Wallet or screenshot the boarding pass, so you have it right there and don’t lose it.

3. When at security point putting everything in bins, place in the first bin going through the belt, your shoes/jacket. That way it will be the first thing out and you can put your shoes on immediately before you get your bags back. Next, put your bag, then laptop, so you can put your laptop inside.

4. Where my rule-followers at?? This one’s not for you 😉 But if you don’t mind bending a couple rules, and you have a connecting flight you know you’re going to have to get to QUICK, one way to ensure your bag has a spot in the overhead compartments is to board sooner than the zone your pass says. So let’s say it says zone 6, board on zone 4, and 9 times out of 10 they don’t see your pass anyway because you scan it.

5. If you’re anything like me and drink a lot of water, opt for an aisle seat on the airplane every time. It’s worth the extra bit of money to ensure, and that way you’re not bothering anyone getting up, and feel zero guilt.

Okay now what are some of your favorite airport/airplane hacks??


Chicago, Illinois | 5 Airport Tips To Make Your Life Easier by Photographs by Teresa including photographer education, travel tips, business tips and more. #businesstips #traveltips #photographytips

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