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Chicago, Illinois Riverwalk Proposal

Temperatures were dropping, wind was rising, and love was surrounding.
I realized truly why they call Chicago the “windy city” just a couple of weeks ago. Because, you guys! Especially by the water, IT IS WINDY.
The weather was single digits cold, and there weren’t many individuals out and about that day due to the extreme temperatures.
I went down to the Riverwalk on State Street and Wacker Street, and tried to hide as much as I could in the open space by the water.
Suddenly I saw Todd + Carolina enter from around the corner. I was so nervous because I could have SWORN Carolina saw and made eye contact with me.
I began snapping their photos quickly, Todd knelt down on one knee, and immediately Carolina’s hands covered her mouth in surprise and excitement.
My vision became clouded, and I’m still deciding if that was due to the cold weather or my tears, but regardless, it was one of the most magical moments I have ever been a part of.
The three of us adventured afterwards around the area and the surrounding Chicago, Illinois views, and soaked in the moment.
Absolutely no extreme cold temperatures could ice over their warm hearts or my love for them. What a perfect moment this was, and I am so beyond thankful to have been a part of these two’s story.

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