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Five Travel Hacks For Healthy Traveling

I remember when I used to panic before a vacation or work trip, because all I could think about was “I’m going to gain so much weight – how am I going to maintain while I’m out and about these next two weeks?”

Well, over time in traveling more and more, I realized that splurging every time I travel is not an option with how much I’m gone. So here are five tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the road or traveling.

five healthy travel hacks

1. Plan Your Snacks

Friends, this is a BIG one I had to learn the hard way. Not only are snacks hiked up in price at the airports (so you’ll be spending unnecessary money), but they also oftentimes sell sizes that are very large bags, so before you know it, you eat the entire bag of potato chips. Planning your snacks out is not only more cost effective, but it also gives the freedom to pre-portion everything out, so you don’t over eat. And, it helps prevent you from making decisions on junk food you ordinarily wouldn’t buy.

2. Pack Sweet AND Savory

This goes hand in hand with planning your snacks, but one thing I learned was to pack not only sweeter snacks (bars, dark chocolate, organic cookies), but I also learned that I’m not always craving sweet snacks. Sometimes I want something saltier or something that’s more satisfying. So many times in that case I’ll pack beef jerky, nuts, bean chips, etc.

3. Find A Fitness Studio

One of my most favorite things to do while traveling to new places is to explore and visit fitness studios in that city. I love looking for pilates studios, yoga studios, spin classes, etc. And honestly, unless you’re in the complete middle of nowhere, there isn’t really an excuse. They have these places EVERYWHERE.

4. Find Joy In Exploring Healthy Options

One of my favorite things to eat while traveling somewhere new, are açaí bowls. They’re so delicious and healthy, and I’m obsessed with finding the nearest one next to the pilates studio I visit. I also really enjoy going to healthy, organic restaurants nearby. There aren’t as many near where I live, so I love finding them in big cities.

5. Stop Putting So Many Limitations

This is something I learned the hard way. It’s super fun to visit new places, especially when it’s a vacation. So stop being so extreme in either freaking out about how much weight you’ll gain, or being the opposite, and not caring at all what you eat and going crazy with your choices. There’s a balance. So eat that plate of authentic cuisine from your favorite country, but maybe for your next meal, enjoy a balanced bowl or salad. There’s a balance. And you’re not going to gain ten pounds if you continue to live a balanced life, even while on vacation.

So there ya have it, friends. Hopefully this will aid you in worrying less, and enjoying more of traveling. Traveling is fun, and there’s no reason that food should stress you out while in new places. Life’s too short to be spent worrying about gaining two pounds. Let’s live life with wellness in mind, and that life of ours will be extended for years to come.

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