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Ten Must-Have Healthy Snacks for Travelers

Who out there craves to come home and eat normal foods after traveling for a long time??? (insert girl-raising-her-hand emoji).

It’s no secret that I am always on the road or in a plane, traveling.

It’s also no secret that I really enjoy eating healthy, clean, whole foods, and strive for that lifestyle in my every day.

However, that gets to be very tough to do while traveling. It’s hard to plan ahead so many meals, and not utilize the convenience of drive-thru’s or fast food.

BUT, it is possible, and since my stomach can’t handle airport food, I am here to give you all a list of my top ten favorite snacks/foods I take with me while traveling. It will save you time and stress in times of not having healthy options. You will feel so much better instead of feeling sick from the processed foods you’re consuming while traveling, and could possibly save you money in the end.

Consider this a personal guide on healthy eating for travelers.

1. Beef Jerky

I love beef jerky because it’s so easy to take wherever you’re traveling, AND it adds a lot of protein where most snack-y types of foods don’t contain much of that macronutrient. HOWEVER, one problem I came across was SO MANY beef jerky brands claim to be “healthy” but actually really are not. They pack them with unnecessary sugar and ingredients that don’t do anything but add inches to that waistline. So one of my favorites is Keto Carne beef jerky. I found it on Amazon, and while it is pricey, it’s worth it to me, because it has real ingredients in it without all those added sugars.

2. RX Bars

I’ve heard people complain about the taste of RX bars. While I agree that there are some flavors I don’t care for, I really enjoy the mixed berries flavor. Another thing I love about RX bars, is they are filled with ingredients I recognize, and are a good source of all the macronutrients. A very great snack to have on hand.

3. Pecans

One of my favorite nuts! I love pecans because they are a little lower in calories than some of the other nuts out there, yet they are still tasty. Another thing I like about pecans, is they aren’t as addicting as some nuts, such as cashews, so these are easier for me to stick to the correct portions. A note to make about nuts: always ALWAYS pre-portion any nuts out, because otherwise next thing you’ll know is you’ll be bored in an airplane or on the road, and by the time you land, you will have an empty bag of nuts and an upset stomach. Lol been there. So make sure to measure them out before leaving, and it’s a great, filling snack.

4. Beanitos

Beanitos have SAVED ME, and you guys, they are SO so so good!! I LOVE the Hint of Lime flavor. Beanitos have been great for many times I’m traveling and am eating a salad or sandwich, but don’t want greasy, processed potato chips, so I eat these instead with my meal, and they are filling with 4g of fiber in them. A delicious alternative.

5. Chicken Bars

I know, I know, they sound absolutely repulsive. Lol, I thought the same thing when I first saw these. Yes, they have a lot more sodium than is ideal, and I get kinda grossed out if I think about it too closely, HOWEVER, these are actually good. AND provide a good amount of protein while on the go!! I always carry one of these while traveling in case I don’t have access to a meal. With these, I know I’m at least getting some protein in.

6. Protein Powder

As always, protein powder is a great option. Protein powder is super easy to consume with some water and a shaker bottle AND you get so much protein in!! One of my favorite protein powders I’ll attach below. It’s so good, grain free, dairy free, and free from junk.

7. Plantain Chips

Oh my goodness, my friend recently introduced me to these tiny pieces of heaven, and I’m not going to lie, they take a second to get used to, but after you’ve eaten a few, you’ll be addicted (like me). Besides taste, another reason I love these chips, is because they have very few ingredients – only plantains, coconut oil, and Himalayan sea salt. What more could anyone else want?!

8. Coconut Butter Cups

I don’t know about you, but I CRAVE chocolate at all times, and especially while traveling and seeing others splurge every night on desserts. While I would love to treat myself every night, my waistline wouldn’t love that. So one of my most FAVORITE little desserts to keep on hand are Coconut Butter Cups. No joke, they taste like Peanut Butter Cups. Not just saying that, it’s true! Eating one will leave you satisfied, happy, and sweet-tooth fulfilled.:)

9. Lara Bars

It’s so hard to find good, clean bars out there. So many of them are filled with unnecessary ingredients, and things you can’t even pronounce the names of. That’s why I love Lara Bars. They not only taste good, but they kind of taste like a treat, and show real ingredients that they’re filled with. My personal favorite is Cashew Cookie.

10. Applesauce

You guys, I get made fun of for this, because let’s be honest, this is practically baby food…BUUUT. Applesauce is definitely the way to go!! It’s SO EASY and is a light, yet satisfying snack. I buy the squeezable packaging, and take one with me everywhere I go. If I’m a little hungry or am craving something a little sweet, this is the perfect option. And absolutely could not be better for travel. A must-have staple, in my opinion.

So there ya have it, friends. Options other than gross, overpriced, make-you-sick airport food. And options that you know are better because you have a plan, rather than picking up a junk food snack from the Quick Stop on the road. And one of the best parts? You can order it all online now for your next trip.

What are some of your favorite travel snacks? I’d love to know!!

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