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How To Overcome Your Biggest Excuse

Who out there is making excuses??

I used to be the queen of excuses.

I longed to have a consistent exercise schedule, but every time I began a routine, the next week I would start making excuses.

I would say “I don’t have time,” I’d say “it doesn’t work with my schedule,” or “I’m sore so I’m not going to try again,” or “I’m not in good enough shape.”

Whichever excuses are out there, I made them. Every single one.

I was the QUEEN of them.

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Until one day I decided I needed to make a commitment. A commitment to myself.

I make a commitment to show up for work every single day. I make a commitment to show up and go to church every Sunday. I make a commitment to make my bed every single morning. I make a commitment to show up and be there for my friends when we have plans.

I was making commitments for so many parts to my life, but there was one commitment I was never able to keep.

A commitment to myself.

But why?!

There I was keeping commitments I made for so many others around me, yet I was incapable of keeping the commitment to show up for myself.

So I began.

I started exercising two days a week. Then with time, two days a week turned into three days a week. Three days turned into five days, and five days turned into six days.

I showed up. I showed up because I made that promise to myself.

And I decided I was going to stop breaking those promises I made to myself.

So I showed up. I showed up even when I was hungry. I showed up when I was sore from the previous day’s workout. I showed up when I was exhausted. I showed up when I had a migraine. I showed up when I was discouraged. I showed up when I was having a bad week. I showed up when I “didn’t have time.” I showed up when I was in pain. I showed up.

My friend, the biggest, most painful battle we fight when it comes to exercise is not the actual exercise itself.

It’s showing up.

That’s the most painful, hardest battle.

But you can fight the battle, friend. Start out small, and it will soon turn into a routine, which will become a part of your day.

We all have the EXACT same amount of time in a day. That’s no longer a valid excuse.

It’s how we choose to live each day that counts.

Make that commitment and keep it. YOU are worth it, friend. You are worth keeping commitments for. You are worth your health. You are worth taking care of. Do it for you, as if you were doing it for a friend.

You are worth it.


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