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Madison, Wisconsin | High School Rivals to Adventurous Sweethearts

Outdoor hikes, weekend trips, national parks, Costco runs, traveling, cooking together.

These. TWO.

This is what Joyce + Eric’s ideal weekend looks like.

Eric and Joyce went to rival high schools, but they just so happened to meet at a Bible study, during that time. Shortly after meeting, the two of them not only grew closer in their faith, but also in their love for one another.

They went through FOUR very long years of long distance dating, and a short period of time of long distance engagement.

Joyce and Eric now live in Madison, Wisconsin, and are at once living in the same location.

We had the most adventure-filled day for their engagement photos, and WOW my mouth was open the whole time from how much they are literally so dang cute in front of my lens.

We started our adventure at St. Paul’s University Catholic Church in Madison, Wisconsin. This church is so beautiful and special to them as a couple. They attend this church weekly now that they’re both living in the same state, and we enjoyed those peaceful moments of our time together that Saturday afternoon.

Afterwards, we headed to Lake Mendota inside of Madison, Wisconsin, and it was all iced over and perfect and literally a WHITE BACKDROP. My jaw was open from beginning to end. IT WAS A DREAM!!!!

We ended our session at a nearby forrest right off of the lake, and it was snowy and romantic, and every bit of perfect.

As we were in the forrest towards the ending, I realized one thing was missing. We had hiked up to our final spot, but I then realized that I no longer had my phone with me.

I may or may not have panicked slightly lol.

We headed back down the hike, and heard music playing (I play music during all of my sessions), and I followed the sound, and realized IT WAS COMING FROM THE GROUND. My phone had dropped out of my pocket, and was now deep in the snow.

All I can say is thank the Lord my phone survived, and my OtterBox protected it, aaaand THIS is why I have that awful OtterBox lol.<

My hot mess phone situation aside, these two were literally a dream and could not have made my Saturday more perfect.

Counting down the seconds until their wedding in Michigan this upcoming August, and side note, I’m keeping my phone tucked away. 🙂

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