April 15, 2019

Thirty Thirty Coffee – Peoria, Illinois | Downtown Peoria, Illinois | A Sparkling Engagement Session On A Gloomy Day


Sometimes you hang out with the same group of people, but you don’t really see that one person until years later.

This was the case for Emily and Michael!

They had gone to school together since third grade, and had the same friend group, but it wasn’t until three years after they graduated high school that they ran into each other and completely hit it off!

Michael asked Emily on a date, and the rest is history.

The two of them dated for three years, and he proposed to her at Disneyworld (insert allll the sobbing tears and heart-eye emojis).

I woke up to raindrops on the outside of my window, the morning of their engagement session.

We adventured to a local coffee shop, Thirty Thirty Coffee for the first half of their session, and finished outside of the Peoria Illinois Courthouse, with a clear umbrella in hand, and love surrounding, despite the gloomy weather.

These two were so much fun! They have this special spark between them that is gentle, loving, and so radiant for the other. Their wedding is this upcoming Fall at The Cannery in Eureka Illinois, and my goodness I cannot wait!


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