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Why I Attended The Heart Workshop…TWICE

I remember the first time I discovered the wonderful humans that Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman are.

It was a Sunday afternoon a year and a half ago. I spent hours learning about Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman, and immediately decided I wanted to go to their workshop: The Heart Workshop.

I quickly went to buy tickets and realized that their workshop had sold out, and I proceeded to search how quickly I could begin learning from them.

I sent an email to Evie, inquiring to do a mentorship with her, and we made arrangements for Summer of 2018.

I drove with my friends that weekend to Ohio to study under Evie Rupp, and immediately felt as though she was my long lost best friend.

She taught me more in that one July afternoon than I had learned in my entire career of being a photographer.

I left feeling inspired, dreaming, and ready to implement.

That summer I worked my butt off, and quickly saw results from all that Evie taught me.

I still knew I wanted to go to The Heart Workshop though. I knew that I wanted to keep learning from Evie and Lindsey, so in January of this year I bought their online course: The Heart University.

It brought an entire community of photographers into my world, and it was such a game changer for my business.

Shortly after purchasing the online course, I purchased tickets to attend The Heart Workshop in Utah this past March.

I went into that workshop excited + unsure, and left with pages and pages of notes, knowledge, and dreams.

I left with a group of best friends who also happened to have the same career as me.

I left with my heart + motivation ready to take on anything and everything, and I kept thinking to myself that THAT was one of the best weeks of my life.

The very last day of that workshop, I had on my heart that I would be returning.

I didn’t understand why I would be returning, but God just kept placing on my heart that I needed to go once more.

To the ordinary person, they would probably think I was crazy going again.

I had already done an entire mentorship with Evie, purchased the online course, AND attended one of their workshops.

Well, lucky for me I don’t really care ever about what others think, so I listened to God, and I purchased a ticket once more to The Heart Workshop in Washington state in November of 2019.

I implemented so many things I had learned at the previous workshop, and told myself that I needed to do that if I was going to go once again.

I went in excited + ready to learn after a busy wedding season, where I was CONSTANTLY on the go.

I got on my flight to arrive in Washington, and instantly had tears in my eyes. I just knew in my heart God had greatness in His plans for me.

I cried several times last week.


Because The Heart Workshop I can confidently say, changed my life.

This past week was completely life changing.

Details to come on all of the ways that God worked through me during this time, but for now I will just leave you with this:

Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman? They are truly two of the most incredible women I have ever met.

I am not just saying that because of who they are, because of the amazing dance-offs they have, or because of the truth they constantly pour into this world.

I am saying that because they are truly an inspiration and an example to how all entrepreneurs should lead their businesses, and heck, how all individuals should live their lives.

Every single small thing that these ladies do, is through Jesus. They constantly praise Him in their success. They give glory to Him for where they are in life. They pray multiple times throughout the workshop. And even more? They love and care about each and every single individual in this world, in the same way that Jesus calls us to love one another.

Evie and Lindsey don’t hold anything back. And I mean nothing. They WANT to see other business owners succeed. They WANT to help YOU to flourish into who you were made to be. They WANT to see your business grow to the next level. They WANT to dream right alongside you.

And I know it’s not just me seeing this, because I heard ALL week from every single girl that attended The Heart Workshop that Evie and Lindsey went above and beyond any expectation every girl had…and we all went in with HIGH expectations.

At the end of the day, YES, it is me who put in the work to see my business grow to the level that it’s at, but at the end of the day, it is Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman that gave me the knowledge AND the confidence to do so.

Friend, if you are wondering if you should attend The Heart Workshop, ask yourself if you want to meet a community of best friends who will help you flourish and love on you.

Ask yourself if you want your heart to grow, and to at last be free of your fears.

Ask yourself if you want to take the fast track to your business by learning from two of the best in the industry.

If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for?! Book that ticket, babe.

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